"...his new musical direction is more intellectual and structured (than previous releases)...The song recalls mid-2000's Bjork but with a more antagonistic edge to it..." - OVRLD

"Crowley’s affinity for laying moody extraterrestrial beats with robotic-like vocals is on full display on the song, and the video itself is alien and somewhat disturbing in Cronenberg fashion." - The Deli Magazine

"Brainwavve's music has a strong current of scifi running through it, full of weird sounds that sound like they were recorded straight from alien sources." - The Deli Magazine

"..frequent OVRLD favorite Brainwavve, who combines noisy synths with lighter rhythmic textures to make it sound playful but intense.." - OVRLD

"..Brainwavve's use of haunting wordless vocals like an organic synth pad are are especially fascinating as they're not quite as prominent in the mix as likeminded glitchmasters Baths, they're almost Gregorian and borderline spiritual. It's an eerie effect that seems simple, but grants the music subtle layers of complexity, even more so when you watch him do it live, away from the studio trickery." - OVRLD

"Brainwavve’s aesthetic is made even more unique by not shying away from injecting his own equally alien live vocals into his spacey beats, and it makes for quite an arresting live experience." - The Deli Magazine

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